Thanks to All Whom Have Visited, Liked, and have become Followers of OmegaBooks!

Having set up this site–with a view to making it my OmegaBooks domain site at the end of March when the site parked on BlueHost can be moved here–only a couple of weeks ago I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to keep this site and blog up on WordPress, and don’t worry, I will reciprocate. Finally, my FREE book will, as soon as the domain site is set up here, be available to download here, and a few other “book” reading sites as well. Kindle and printed books will also be available for sale on Amazon and other platforms as well, when they are formatted.

Just wondering…will Amazon actually pay me for any of OmegaBooks sales made from Kindle? Kinda like several info sites I third party wrote articles for and they never paid me for them! (I’d name the sites but some of them no longer even exist! Serves them right!)

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