Fun With Words–Six (or more?) Nations With English Word Names–Can You Name The Other Five? Hint: Greece is one of them.

As far as I can tell looking at all the names of nation on Earth, only six nations have words common (or not so common) in the English language for things or items. Such as Greece, which sounds like the English word “grease.” Two nearby nations (to Greece) also fit the narrative. The other three are not so near to Greece and two of them are not common words, but they are words in the English language.

No people names (such as Israel, Jordan, Georgia), no two word nation names (such as Czech Republic), no nation names made up of two English words (such as Denmark or Iceland) and no colonies, commonwealth, overseas territories or island groups such as Micronesia are allowed. And while Greece is officially called the Hellenic Republic, the name “Greece” is what it is known as.

Can you name the other five? Have at it in the comment box below.

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