Links to Snippets within The Prodigal Band Trilogy Series: The Truth About the Music Industry

I posted six snippet articles on my OmegaBooks main site relating to how the music industry truly works, especially today, whether the genre is rock music, rap, hip-hop, pop…whatever, within today’s music or in the 60s through the 90s. The music industry isn’t just about recording artists; it is run mostly by handlers, managers, producers, concert venue owners, record label owners, and also has or had criminal syndicate connections as well, including “muling” of illegal drugs at concert venues. Research on the popular music industry helped guide the authoring of my trilogy. The links to these six posts are below:

(Part 1): A Tribute to Rap Legend DMX, Who Exposed the Truth about Evil in the Music Industry and Got ‘Redeemed’

(Part 2): Mafia and Crime Syndicates

(Part 3): Handlers and Agendas

(Part 4): Mind Control

(Part 5): If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk (Part 1)

(Part 5): If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk (Part 2)

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