Links to Snippets within The Prodigal Band Trilogy Series: The Truth About the Music Industry

I posted six snippet articles on my OmegaBooks main site relating to how the music industry truly works, especially today, whether the genre is rock music, rap, hip-hop, pop…whatever, within today’s music or in the 60s through the 90s. The music industry isn’t just about recording artists; it is run mostly by handlers, managers, producers, concert venue owners, record label owners, and also has or had criminal syndicate connections as well, including “muling” of illegal drugs at concert venues. Research on the popular music industry helped guide the authoring of my trilogy. The links to these six posts are below:

(Part 1): A Tribute to Rap Legend DMX, Who Exposed the Truth about Evil in the Music Industry and Got ‘Redeemed’

(Part 2): Mafia and Crime Syndicates

(Part 3): Handlers and Agendas

(Part 4): Mind Control

(Part 5): If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk (Part 1)

(Part 5): If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk (Part 2)


Links to Controversial Topics Snippets Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy

There are six controversial topics (and maybe more) within The Prodigal Band Trilogy worth writing about and posting snippets about, listed on the main website OmegaBooksNet. Here are the links:



Sexual Orientation

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

Evolution vs. Creation-Intelligent Design Part 1

Evolution vs. Creation-Intelligent Design Part 2

Consequences of Poverty and Debt Part 1

Consequences of Poverty and Debt Part 2

Real Spiritual Experiences Upon Which I Based My The Prodigal Band Trilogy (with Link to Snippet Post)

I and those I know have had interesting spiritual, or what could only described as spiritual, experiences. In a previous snippet I told about a scary outcome while involved in a Ouija Board event with two friends while “calling up the dead.” This post is about what, I truly believe, were good spirits that turned bad situations into events that awakened good spiritual tidings and not only impacted my writing of these novels that make up The Prodigal Band Trilogy, but blessed my life even more.

In 1971 heading up into Canada along the New York State Thruway with at least five other left-wing activists as well as atheists in a car with nearly bald tires in bad stormy weather the vehicle skidded off the highway into a guard rail then was sent across the northbound lane covered with traffic into the island between the north- and south-bound lanes. I had told myself we were going to die, that we’d be hit broadside by on-coming traffic. But we weren’t. The vehicle had minimal damage and a tire did go flat, but the vehicle was hauled into a repair shop and an hour or so later we were back on the road. While standing outside the vehicle I asked those around me: “Now why would God save a bunch of atheists?” They laughed. But from then on in, I was no longer an atheist! I knew God had to exist! What else would have prevented us from being killed in a car crash? Oh, and did I mention that guard rail, where, on the other side of it was a hundred foot drop?

Then in 1972 I was with this same leftist group and another woman and I were putting up posters for a conference of like-minded leftists in Cleveland (later moved to outside Detroit) to be held in a few months. Late in the afternoon while in Manhattan we slipped into Manhattan College on a Sunday and started putting up posters, then got into an elevator to go to upper floors. The elevator stopped between the second and third floors. Stuck. On a Sunday. And guess what? The following day, Monday, was Yom Kippur!

Anyone that knows anything about living in and around NYC knows that ALL community colleges and other educational institutions are CLOSED ON JEWISH HOLIDAYS! So who the heck was going to rescue us that Sunday evening or the following day when the school would be closed? And another thing. We had no water, no food, no toilets–and I had my menstrual period! And the elevator was cold! I was almost freezing in that elevator. As my friend tried to see if she could get us out of there, all I had to try to keep myself warm were those posters which I covered myself with. With the bucket of poster glue we had a way to urinate.

So on Monday morning of Yom Kippur around 6 am or so we heard a person outside the elevator shaft, a janitor. We called for help, and he got us out of there! Was this ‘man’ an angel? To this day I believe he was. After all, if a college is closed on Yom Kippur, then would some janitor be working there? After that event, I definitely believed in God! And though I did go to the conference (which was infiltrated by the FBI according to sources I knew back then), I left the conference early because I had a job to go to the following day, so I flew back to NYC that afternoon. Then I quit the group.

Then in 1997 having already published Battle of the Band which ends with a spiritual scenario, what I witnessed was a miracle of truly Biblical proportions. It happened on the last Saturday of February, 1997. No way would I make this up just to embellish a novel!

See this post on my OmegaBooksNet site for more about this event and snippet based on it: here

Links to The Prodigal Band Trilogy Biblical References Series (Including a Sub-series with The Parable of The Prodigal Son, Luke 15) at Site

There are seven series posts (including Part Six which has four episodes relating to the famous Luke 15 Parable of the Prodigal Son which my The Prodigal Band Trilogy is clearly based on!) that relate to Bible References, including other parables spoken by Christ Himself in the New Testament to His Apostles and others. Two of the references relate to the consequences of siding with Evil, one of which is also out of the mouth of Christ as to the ‘outer darkness’ where there will be ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ One reference deals with being ‘born again’ while another one claims that being ‘born again’ can be chosen by anyone, even the most reprobate of sinners (which my rock star characters definitely were!). Here are the links:

God is in Control, Not Elites, and Not Satan

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band, Part Four

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band, Part Three

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band, Part Two

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band, Part One

If a Prostitute, a Tax Collector, a Pharisee and Other Sinner Can Accept Christ as Savior, Why Not Supposed ‘Devil Worshipers’?

Born Again

The Parable of the Laborers of the Vineyard

Gnawing on Bones Forever

The Outer Darkness

Links to Deleted Scenes from The Prodigal Band Trilogy Complete Trilogy Novel at Site

At my OmegaBooksNet site are listed seven posts containing sections and scenes that had to be deleted from the original trilogy novels, Battle of the BandThe Prophesied Band, and The Prodigal Band, when the ‘three-books-in-one’ trilogy was published through Lulu Publishing to reach a global market using various platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Google Play, and others including Lulu and iBooks (since the page limit was just over 700 pages which I would have exceeded had the entirety of the  self-published novels been contained in this trilogy book).  But these seven deleted scenes were too important to just completely ignore, so I posted these on the site. Here below are the links:

House Burns

Eco-activist Hypocrisy

Father and Son Build Relationship

The Making of a Super Star

Gossiping Female ‘Actresses’

Biker Roadies

A Sacrifice to Evil within a Cult

Links to Snippets of Reality Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy at (Including Spiritual Snippets)

The Creator

Actual Spiritual Experiences I Witnessed

Child Abuse and Other Abuses by Elites

Evil Characters and Past and Present Evil Events

End Times Scenarios

Rock Star Relationships

Alternative Personas

Christian Cults

Eating Disorders of Models and Celebrities

Occult Spirits, Amulets

New Age Cult Recruiting Celebrities

Aircraft Burns and Mechanical Failures

Character Snippets of The Prodigal Band Trilogy–Links to Posts on Site

The following links to the OmegaBooks website link to ‘character snippets’ from The Prodigal Band Trilogy articles by character are posted below. The actual citation from The Prodigal Band Trilogy is highlighted with a description of the character in play. The book chapter is also mentioned–the snippets come from one or more of the three-books-in-one (Battle of the Band, The Prophesied Band, The Prodigal Band). The characters in question are the six band members:

Erik, the singer-front man

Jack, the guitarist-band leader

Mick, the guitarist-producer

Tom, the drummer

Keith, the bassist

Bryan, the keyboard-synthist

Of course, there are other important characters–their women, managers-handlers, bad guys and evil spirits and good guys and good spirits.  But those snippets will have to wait.

The Prodigal Band Trilogy © 2019 by Deborah Lagarde, Battle of the Band © 1996 by Deborah Lagarde, The Prophesied Band © 1998 by Deborah Lagarde and The Prodigal Band © 2018 by Deborah Lagarde. Permission needed to copy any materials off this page.

Snippets of The Prodigal Band Trilogy–Links to Posts on OmegaBooksNet Site

The following links to the OmegaBooksNet website link to “snippets” from The Prodigal Band Trilogy articles by genre category, that is, the snippets would fit into the particular genre category, such as romance, suspense, horror, etc. The actual citation from The Prodigal Band Trilogy is highlighted with a description of the event or scene in play. The book chapter is also mentioned–the snippet either comes from the three-books-in-one trilogy part (Battle of the Band, The Prophesied Band, The Prodigal Band).

Here are the links by category:







Occult part 1

Occult part 2







After that there  will be Character snippets.