Unable to Transfer Domain from BlueHost–Head on Over to OmegaBooksNet on WordPress–soon to be my Book Selling Site!

Well, BlueHost is “unable” to transfer my omegabooks.net site over to WordPress either because they screwed up or I did (and I think we both did, but here’s the thing: I am 65 years old and no techie…web hosting has gone from the old days on BlueHost with html code and c-panels to today hosting with thousands of gadgets I have no idea about…fortunately I do know something about ‘JetPack’!) I have explained all about the ten hours or so I wasted yesterday, Thursday, April 12, talking to BlueHost techies on the phone or WordPress techies through online chat. And I will say this, the WordPress techies are better than the BlueHost ones! Since BlueHost DELETED my domain after I unlocked it and got the EPP code…well, read the rest of the story here

Since this will become a Premium plan domain site in the next couple of days—folks the weekend is coming and sometimes things you do on websites don’t work too well on weekends (I mean these online chat folks need time off too you know!)–the site ‘omegabooksnet.wordpress.com’ will some become (I hope, unless ‘trouble’ happens again!)  THE site where one can access my FREE PDF novel The Prodigal Band as well as access buying my other printed novels, Battle of the Band and The Prophesied Band.

Cheers to all followers, comment posters, and likers of posts on both websites.

Domain ‘omegabooks.net’ Will Be Transferred on April 12, 2018

That’s the WordPress rule, folks. I could “map” the domain earlier but the rules for this are too complicated and I have no idea what they are talking about. Gee if Bluehost was like it was 15 years ago when I had a domain there and not all this gadgety nonsense, I wouldn’t have this problem!

In the meantime, since ‘omegabooks661683099’ will just be transformed into ‘omegabooks.net’ I might as well get the ball rolling anyway by putting up more info about my books. Starting tomorrow or the next day.

Hope you had a ‘happy’ Resurrection Day, aka ‘Easter.’

Omegabooks.net coming soon–Parked Bluehost site moving to WordPress very soon.

Just go toff the phone with Bluehost, the previous web host for omegabooks.net, and the domain is being transferred in the next few days.

Sorry for the lack of posting but I am finalizing the FREE PDF of “The Prodigal Band” for downloading and advertising using WordPress. It may take a while to get everything set up but for now let me just say that “omegabooks.net” should be active in a few days.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks to All Whom Have Visited, Liked, and have become Followers of OmegaBooks!

Having set up this site–with a view to making it my OmegaBooks domain site at the end of March when the site parked on BlueHost can be moved here–only a couple of weeks ago I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to keep this site and blog up on WordPress, and don’t worry, I will reciprocate. Finally, my FREE book will, as soon as the domain site is set up here, be available to download here, and a few other “book” reading sites as well. Kindle and printed books will also be available for sale on Amazon and other platforms as well, when they are formatted.

Just wondering…will Amazon actually pay me for any of OmegaBooks sales made from Kindle? Kinda like several info sites I third party wrote articles for and they never paid me for them! (I’d name the sites but some of them no longer even exist! Serves them right!)